SM vertical mill

SM Series vertical mill is an advanced grinding machine, which is developed on the basis of home & abroad high technology and production experience combination of various mills. It is an ideal device that integrates crushing, drying, grinding, and grading conveying all together.

Sepax Vortex Air Classifier

Sepax Vortex Air Classifier, developed by Jida company united with Nanjing University of Technology and Yancheng Institute of Technology after using the international advanced technology for reference, and adopting the aviation aerodynamics analytical method, is a uptodate product which breaks the conventional theory of material double separation for closed circuit ball mill system for grinding cement but makes the material as three parts: coarse powder, middle powder and fine powder. This machine has below advantages:
1.      the collocation is very simple
2.      low cost
3.      enhancing the output greatly
4.      reasonable inner structure

JD Propeller Screening Plant

JD propeller screening plant is developed by Jida company and awarded the national patent, which is the most one of high-efficient and advanced screening plant in the world.

O-Sepa Separator

O-Sepa Separator, launched by Jida company after absorption of foreign advanced technology and combination with our production practice,improving the shortness of the traditional O-Sepa separator, is a more efficiency separator in cement industry. it is greatly used for classification equipment of cement  closed-circuit grinding system.

JQM Pulse Bag Dust Catcher

JQM pulse bag dust catcher, self-developed by Jida company after introducing into the advanced technology from HB Fuller Co and Germany companies, is a super efficient bag-hose dust removal equipment. It integrates all the advantages of different dust catchers like separated room back blowing type, pulse spray blowing type and some others, and overwhelms the weakness of separate room back blowing dust catcher like dust cleaning power not strong enough, the flaw of pulse spray blowing dust catcher like re-adsorbing dust particles when carry dust cleaning and filtering together. Furthermore, combining with environmental protection technology, JQM pulse bag dust catcher is improving the efficiency and stability of dust removal, extending the using life of filter bag, reducing the labour intensity and becoming the best partner of company’s environmental protector.

Hardness Surfacing Welding

We were established on 1989 with more than 20 years of experience for hardness surfacing welding till now. After taking in the technology guidance of KHD and KRUPP POLYSIVS from Germany and FULLER from America, and mixing with our more than 10-years experience of repairing roller on spot, we have carrying on the roller producing and hardness surfacing welding for roller press. It’s one of the best technics of roller producing and repairing.

JDG roller press

    JDG roller press, basing on technology of grinding mill material layer, and integrating crushing, drying, grinding, and grading conveying all together, is developed by Jida company and can be composed with ball mill or self-made system by different technics flow, such as beforehand grinding mill, mix grinding mill, semifinal grinding mill and final grinding mill. Due to the change of mechanism, 50-100% electricity consumption can be decreased while 100-300% turnout can be increased.

Three Cylindrical Dryer

Three cylindrical dryer is a super drying machine with high production, self-heat-preservation, high thermal efficiency, low coal consumption, high cost-effective and short lead time.